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Friday, 1 February 2013

My shiny new toy!

Isn't she pretty! Yes, I know I technically asked a question, but it's way more of a statement, so I will stand by my gramatically incorrect exclamation point, instead of a question mark!

Mr B and I recently celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary... we can't believe how much time has flown past! We always try to give each other a little something on this important day, but both of us pulled out the big guns, this year... really BIG guns! There was a simply divine visit to Vue De Monde, I'll be sure to blog about that once I've finished digesting the 17 courses :) I gave Mr B a fabulous BBQ just in time for summer... but it's a built in, so hopefully it'll be installed before next summer - didn't think that through, did I?

I thought I might get an iPad. Those who know me well would probably think it an appropriate present. Instead, I was presented with a simply gorgeous ring... ok, I picked it, but he surprised me by taking me shopping!

And then the piece de resistance... my very own, shiny, brand new KITCHEN AID ARTISAN MIXER!!!!!!!!! (enough exclamation points? I'm not sure if you understand the excitement!)

I have coveted one of these work horses for years. I almost purchased one the year we lived in San Francisco, but I knew I wouldn't be able to bring it back home - stupid voltage conversion. I simply couldn't bring myself to buy one here in Oz, as the price was always ridiculous! When the US dollar was at its peak, these mixers cost $900, sometimes more, insanity!

We finally saw one at a much more reasonable price and although I was adamant that I already had a mixer (Breville) and didn't need this, Mr B put his foot down and insisted. Isn't he a dreamboat? ;)

My next dilemma... which color? There were 13 on offer! The safe part of me wanted the Gun Metal Grey, the only mixer in a beautiful matt finish. It's dark and broody... ha, it's me, to a tee! But this is Kitchen Aid and I just had to get a color. So after a frantic phone call to my sister - who lives in Dallas, Texas - I decided on Yellow Pepper... and I heart her!
Can you guess what I'm making? Bet you can't!


  1. Hey Sab!?!?@ (Grammatical errors are contagious) ;)

    Love love love your pressie & I think it's the perfect present for you as you are a master dessert maker! Love the yellow too. Good for you for not going 'safe' as I probably would. The yellow is fun and happy which is just how you'll feel when using it :)

    As for the green in the bowl, I'm guessing you're making pistachio macaroons...? That's the master chef Zumbo coming out in me :)


    1. Hi Lels,
      Yeah, grammar isn't really a strong suit for most peeps, these days - teehee!
      I love her, but I've already made muffins, choc cake, 2 pavs, more muffins and frosting!! Lucky I can use the boys at work as guinea pigs :)
      I think she needs a name...
      Good guess, but no... Stay tuned ;)