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Monday, 22 August 2011

Want new shoes? Stop buying lunch!

Ok so we hear it all the time and for some of us the idea of a budget is ‘so lame’. But have you ever really stopped to think what buying your lunch every day is really ‘costing’ you? First, some facts, then, some tips... 

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Fact #1 – buying lunch is hideously more expensive
Don’t be fooled! You can almost always make your meals for at least half the price at home, sometimes even cheaper, ie: a cafe style coffee will cost about $1 to make at home vs almost $4 at a city cafe. Most lunches will generally set you back $10 on average these days and generally, that doesn’t include a drink. That equals $2,600 a year just on lunch! 

Fact #2 – store bought lunches have lots of hidden nasties
This is true whether you’re watching your waistline or just very conscious of what you put into your body. Most sandwiches that are for sale at your local cafe are double the size they were 5 or 10 years ago – that’s double the calories, double the gym sessions... you get the idea. There’s also loads of hidden salt, fat and sugar in almost everything we buy. Would you normally put THAT much butter, mayo, cheese, deli meat on a sandwich you made at home? And don’t even get me started on how some of the food is ‘hygienically’ prepared and stored. (That’s a rant for another blog) 

Fact #3 – I find most bought lunches are disappointing
Forgive this onerous generalisation, but for me it’s true. I’m always just that little bit disappointed with lunchtime fare. The bread is a little soggy, the tomato could have been riper, that’s not the cheese I requested but I can’t be bothered arguing because I’m running late for a meeting. Tell me you haven’t had a similar moment?! 

Fact #4 – everyone needs a day off!
I’m not saying that you should take every single meal, snack and coffee with you to work from home! I’m just as busy as you are and we all need a break. For me it’s Friday – I don’t cook a single thing on Fridays. It’s all lunch orders, take away and wine for us. Pick a day that works for you and make it one of your treats for the week.

Need ideas for portable lunches that are quick and simple? Check out my next post...

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