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Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Know your current limits... but don’t hide behind them!

Why are so many people afraid of cooking?  It’s just food!  Do you really think that Jamie, Nigella and Mario get it right the first time, every time?  Once upon a time, you couldn’t tie your own shoelaces, but eventually you mastered that.  So with a little encouragement, I’m sure you can master Bolognese, Curry, Roast Beef, or whatever else takes your fancy.

Our new motto: I’m not a master chef, but I can still cook!

I have loved to cook, ever since I can remember, but it doesn’t mean there haven’t been disasters!  My first attempt at Lemon Moroccan Chicken ended up with me driving to McDonalds – yes, it really was THAT bad.  But I learnt that I don’t like cinnamon in savoury dishes.  It’s ok not to like flavours, to experiment and to swap things around until you find a mix that you like, embrace your individuality!

And yes, sometimes cooking feels like a total chore.  Some nights I would just rather slump into my couch with a glass of red and not move until morning!  But I’m a regular Jane.  I work full time, I live within a budget (booo!) and I still haven’t worked out how to afford a personal butler.  So I let myself drink my glass of red and somehow that makes cooking dinner all the more fun and experimentive!

So let’s stop hiding behind our current limited skills in the kitchen, and embrace the Domestic Divas within!

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