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Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Billy Tea Rooms, Glenrowan, Rural VIC

Are you a Melbourne based snow bunny about to drive down the Hume Highway to Mt Hotham or Falls Creek? Then you probably know that the only food you will find along the way is McDonalds. Now even I have been known to indulge in a Big Mac every now and then, but might I suggest a quick detour into Glenrowan for a true hit of Australiana culture?

Just 1km off the Hume are the Billy Tea Rooms and Accommodation – it’s the short building on the left side of the street before the Glenrowan Tourist Centre Theme Park where you can see the famous Ned Kelly re-enactment… but this blog is about food so back to the Tea Rooms, I go!

The Billy Tea Rooms are owned and run by the amazing Linda, a true entrepreneur and sales woman.  She will welcome you with her dazzling smile and offer you hot tea and fresh scones, quickly pointing out she has gluten free scones if you so desire.  But for a true Aussie treat, get the Damper! (For the uninitiated, Damper is a style of bread that is traditionally made in a camp oven)  When we popped in, Linda had just taken one out of the oven and very proudly showed if off to all who entered. It was as perfect as it looked! Crunchy on the outside, moist and steaming hot on the inside, slathered with butter… ok it was actually margarine, but it’s still worth it!

Even if you’re in a rush to carve up some soft, white, powdery snow, take a moment to head into town and support a great local business in the process.  Oh, and pick up a couple of jars of Glenrowan jam too, they are amazing!

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