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Monday, 16 January 2012

"Sorry, I'm gluten intolerant..."

I bet if you went through your list of friends you could easily count half a dozen that are gluten intolerant. It’s such a common aliment these days. But don’t let it stop you inviting your closest friends over for dinner. (if you’re unfamiliar with gluten intolerance, check out Wikipedia for more info)

I am not a nutritionist or doctor and this list is by no means comprehensive, you should always double check all product labels (they change frequently) but here’s some pointers to help you out:

Stir-fry: steamed rice is always a good option but if you want to do a noodle dish grab some fresh rice noodles from the dairy case at the supermarket. I think they are even yummier then the wheat varieties and all you need to do is sit them in hot water for a few minutes, drain and add to your wok.

Cheese sauce: most of the time you would thicken a sauce with flour, but instead use cornflour. Most corn flours are gluten free (double check labels as some contain wheat) and in this case you can substitute your usual amount of plain flour for cornflour... you won’t even know the difference.

Pasta: there are lots of gluten free pasta’s available these days so find a variety that you like. Make a batch of cheese sauce and you could have mac and cheese or if you have some frozen Bolognese sauce, you could whip together a quick lasagne.

Corn tortillas and taco shells: Mexican style foods are always an easy option. So far all the taco shells I’ve found are gluten free but some tortillas are sneaking in wheat flour, so again, check the labels!

Crumbs: rice crumbs are easy to find in the health sections of most major supermarkets and are actually crunchier then bread crumbs, mmmm.

Dessert: go to the health section of your local supermarket and buy a gluten free cake mix! There are lots of recipes available but it can be very expensive to make a flourless cake as you need a lot of nut meal so this is the one time I'll let you cheat. Or your other options are something dairy based, like custard, ice-cream sundaes, crème caramels or mousse.

Hope that’s given you some ideas!

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